Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Mail Art

On a sad note, no mail for me today :( I have been patiently waiting for my hello kitty stationery to come in the mail. I got it on ebay and it came with a lot of stationery and envelopes and stickers! I've mailed so many letters I feel like I dont get many letters back. But I will keep doing it because this is what I like to do. Maybe eventually I will be able to create fantastic mail art! I'm just a beginner with this, so bear with me.

Because I love vintage, I had to make this one and I like it a lot! The girl on it is Margie Stewart, she was the poster girl for World War II. She became famous by posing for the soldiers that were away from home. I think it must have been great for the fellas who had no hope while they were away. 

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