Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crafty day!

I have been catching up on my mail and I actually all caught up and had time to make several envies. I need more scrapbooking paper. I'm afraid all I have left is Christmas themed paper and it's likely too early for that! So a little update... I live in Idaho and there are wildfires occuring further north of me. The haze in the air is not allowing to breathe like I should be. On account of my asthma I visited the dr and he gave me some medicine and it is slowly helping. Anyway, school is starting tomorrow again and frankly I don't want to go back but I know it will be useful eventually.

I did receive a rather awesome postcard of Munich, Germany. I do love the architecture. Sorry about the glare, I had to take it with my cell phone and the lighting isn't good in my bedroom so I had to use the flash.

I am also sending out some postcards of my city. Sorry about the angle. I had to get creative since there was a huge glare.

I really need a new laptop and need my camera back. :) I hope to buy a new laptop soon so I can use my scanner again. This laptop is on its last limbs!

Happy writing everyone ~Desirae

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